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  • It turns out that the quarter-crushing $575 million that drug wholesaler AmerisourceBergen set aside to settle civil litigation with the Justice Department was not enough. It is going to take another $50 million.

  • Last year, real-world data showed that SGLT2 diabetes medications could significantly cut heart failure hospitalizations and all-cause deaths. And now, a new analysis shows that they can also cut the rate of major cardiovascular events in patients new to treatment.

  • Allergan has taken intense heat lately for trying to protect its big-selling Restasis from rivals by licensing patents to a Native American tribe. But according to a new lawsuit, the company's anticompetitive ploys date back several years.

  • Sunovion is looking for a hero. Epilepsy heroes, that is. Its “My Epilepsy Hero” campaign, now in its second year, encourages patients and caregivers to share their hero stories and even gives them a cape with a custom Facebook frame.

  • Here is some other vaccine news of note for the week.

  • It turns out pharma's ad police aren't done doling out warnings in a year that's seen a historic few. The FDA's Office of Prescription Drug Promotion issued another warning last week, bringing its total for the year to three.

  • GlaxoSmithKline’s two-drug HIV bet just paid off. Tuesday, the FDA approved Juluca, the first complete treatment regimen for the disease that contains just two drugs, versus the three or more included in rival cocktails. The antiviral, a fixed-dose tablet, combines dolutegravir—sold on its own as Tivicay—and rilpivirine, also known as Edurant, from Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen unit.

  • Despite a frantic effort to rush Ebola vaccines through testing during a deadly epidemic, Merck & Co. will fall short of its goal to file its candidate for FDA approval this year, the company confirmed Tuesday. Merck is now aiming for next year.

  • Pfizer faces a legal hurdle to its proposed biosimilar version of Herceptin. Roche, which counts the breast cancer med among its top products, sued Pfizer for allegedly infringing 40 of its patents.

  • Novo Nordisk is about to take on a task that’s so far foiled its peers. The Danish drugmaker is aiming to expand the global obesity market, both by launching its GLP-1 drug Saxenda in additional countries and by lobbying to get obesity recognized as a chronic disease.

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