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  • Novartis' new CEO, Vasant Narasimhan, has indicated that the company might spin off its struggling U.S. generic pill business—and that is what it is preparing to do, sources are telling Reuters.

  • Pfizer and Merck KGaA have suffered another setback with immuno-oncology med Bavencio—and this one’s raising some eyebrows.

  • Pfizer said several weeks ago that the FDA had updated the status of its troubled Kansas fill-finish plant, paving the way for drug approvals, and sure enough this week Novartis announced an FDA nod for its Copaxone generic being produced there. But a recently released document from the last inspection of the plant shows it continues to struggle, even repeating issues the FDA pointed out in a previous visit.

  • Neurology-focused Biogen and UCB are already rumored to be eyeing an Acorda buyout. But one analyst thinks a host of other major players could join their ranks.

  • Despite competitors' efforts to pick up market share, an analyst figures J&J's Remicade will dominate the market again in 2018.

  • Astellas pledges $102.5 million for universal donor cell company Universal Cells, approvals of Teva's drugs were delayed by Celltrion's manufacturing problem, Korea plans to gather patient data for a digital health initiative.

  • After failing to reach a reimbursement agreement with French officials on its cystic fibrosis drug Orkambi, Vertex has cancelled plans to test an investigational triple combination at several sites in the country.

  • Horizon Pharma apparently hasn't been deterred by the ongoing drug pricing debate—or repeated criticism of its own price hikes. The specialty drugmaker recently jacked up the list price of its combo painkiller Vimovo to almost $3,000, despite the fact that its separate ingredients are available as individual generics for as little as $40.

  • Teva may be decimating its employee ranks and struggling under a mountain of debt, but Warren Buffett apparently likes what he sees happening at the Israeli drugmaker.

  • The FDA recently approved new language for the label of J&J's 9-year-old schizophrenia treatment, Invega Sustenna, stating that the drug can delay the arrest or incarceration of patients taking it. Now some mental health experts are questioning whether allowing J&J to market a drug for that purpose is really a good idea.

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