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Very often children have asthma and approximately in puberty period they often overcome this problem and asthma doesn’t disturb them anymore, but there are also many cases when problem goes in adult years too and man have to learn how to control it and to live with it all life. Also people can get bronchial asthma during life under influence of different factors.

Asthma is a chronic disease of the airways, when there is difficulty during breathing. Asthma causes inflammation of the airways through which oxygen enters the lungs and temporary constriction occurs because of inflammation.

Adults can get asthma suddenly after simple flue and bacterial or viral inflammation of the airways usually in few weeks when everything after disease is almost ok and suffocating cough comes from nowhere, usually after physical exercises. Cold can transfer into periodical malaise with cough and often night cough occurs. These are symptoms of bronchial asthma and patient should consult a doctor immediately. Neglected asthma can lead to the tragic consequences, although the disease cannot be cured forever, but it can be successfully controlled, and patient who know about his diagnose and ready to asthmatic attacks can even avoid these attacks.

First that everyone, who suffers from asthma, should know factors that can be triggers for attacks. First, patient should make necessary analyses or to identify by his own the triggering factor. Often an allergy to something evokes suffocating cough and asthmatic attacks.  The sensory fibers of the lower respiratory tract inadequately respond to the invasion of various stimuli there can be even cold air, that’s why swelling and shortness of breath can occur.

In your bed small insects can live and they can evoke allergic reactions by their waste products. Humid climates can also influence on occurrence of asthma or climate can provoke amount of attacks. Dust is also often powerful allergen and allergic reaction as cough and difficulties in breathing. Mold often evoke developing of asthma.  It can live on walls in house or in place where person spends a lot of time and breaths by the air that contain spores of that mold that is the trigger of the problems with airways organs. If you have found mold in your dwelling, it is better to do everything possible to get rid of this, because everyone who is breathing with air that is in contact with mold can be endangered, sooner or later everyone can get serious problems with health. Spores of mold are microscopic and you can think if you don’t see them, then you are in safe, but it isn’t right. Even if you have mold in basement of your house that you visit rarely, you have high risk to get asthma. If you have allergy to dust, it is necessary to keep clean your dwelling and grate cleaning should be maintained by your relatives who are not allergic to dust or by cleaning service, because you can suffer from serious attacks during cleaning because of incredible amount of inhaled parts-irritants. Air conditioner filter in most cases is the greatest foe in the house. Many people forget about it, but there are can be dust and mold as double trigger for asthmatic attacks for people who have such a problem.

It is often case, when people cannot have a pet or even any contacts with them, because of their reactions to fur, because they suffer from allergy, and in case of people, who are prone to asthma, asthmatic attacks occur more often.

People can be prone to allergic reactions from their childhood, it is like congenital peculiarity. And during life there can be circumstances or some external factors that can harden the body, make it steady, or make it vulnerable to allergens.

Mold and dust are very strong and can totally healthy person make a diseased one and can evoke serious asthmatic attacks. Be attentive to the house or flat where you live. Wash your bathroom very often and all wet places, because mold likes wet places and can settle there much faster than anywhere else.

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Asthma is a distraction from normal life; sometimes there are attacks so strong that they make person to cancel his plans: do not go to work, to give up holidays. Often, the disease interferes with sports. Especially asthma worsens sleep quality. It is often case, when people even don’t know about their disposition to asthma, but if they face with stress or really tense situation, they start coughing and whizzing. In such case, if you now that you may have stress, you should take a pill from asthma, in such cases  sedative medicines even may be ineffective. Some ingredients in your meal may also evoke attacks, or infections also can instigate the disease. So, the reasons of symptoms were discussed, but the reasons of the disease still cannot be explained, but scientists can say for sure: if you had close relatives with such problem, you had a high risk to inherit it. 

There may be widespread professional asthma that may occur as a reaction on irritant factor due to long and constant contact. Often people suffer by asthma of such professions: painters and plasterers, nurses, workers in the chemical industry, employees of the livestock industry, welders, workers in the wood industry and others. Such people should always make prevention treatment in order not to get more severe diseases.

Any asthma should be studied and any signs of asthma should be a reason for consultation with a doctor. Try to avoid contacts with subjects that evoke your negative reactions on it and use special medicines for successful control of asthmatic attacks. Doctor can help you to find the most appropriate drugs.

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