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About Levitra


It is very important for men to have strong potency and to be able to maintain healthy sex with the partner. Many, who faced with potency problems, suffer a lot and feel them weak and miserable. In fact, ability to have strong erection gives man feelings of strongest and power of being male. For most men intimate relations are very important and they put it on the top in relations in couple, they demand active position from woman, they want to be satisfied quite often and most women adore such sexual behavior. And it is hard to imagine how men suffer, when they face with difficulties that occur in intimate life, especially if they appear because of their problems. Men need real support from the partner and effective treatment, because they can get even depression, because of their potency weakness: men can suffer from alcoholism and impotency can lead even to suicide.

It is important to care about one’s health before the problem occurs, thus we do something like prevention treatment, and the most important is way of life that influences on everything and our intimate life too. Alcohol drinking, smoking and drug abuse influence on overall health and erectile function too. Very often alcohol in small amounts helps to relax to get firm erection and as a result excellent pleasure, but in big amounts in regular use it makes potency worse. In order to save potency healthy as long as possible, it is important to know what and how influences on it, and of course except of bad habits, there are a lot of different factors. First is a stress. Some simple stress can evoke weak erection in some separate case, but severe stress can evoke constant problem for treatment of which the help of specialists is needed. Problems at work, fails in plans and business, quarrels and often argues in family can lead to bad mood, irritability and bad intimate life. If you noticed that your intimate life depends on your success at work, be careful and try not to think about work at home. Intimate life is a deal of both and when your woman isn’t satisfied, there are problems in relations occur. If you feel stress after working day, drink sedative tea with chamomile, valerian roots and mint. If there is a necessity, you can drink it regularly in small dosage before sleep, it has no negative influence on intimate life, and it helps to switch off your strained nerves that, in turn, help to switch on romantic night.  Many depend on women and the matter is not in her sexuality, but in her desire to support and to help man to get the erection. Massage and special movement can evoke erection and if partner do this it turns on sexual drive effectively. But not all cases are treated only by massage. Everything depends on reason of weak or absent erection.

It is known to everyone that deterioration of erection naturally occur, and it should happen in men who are older than 45 years old, but many depend on lifestyle and heredity, there are men who have strong erection up to seventy years old, but the most men, for a pity start suffer from signs of high age in their intimate life earlier. First that most men should understand that such problem happens with many others too and there are no reasons to be depressed, there are reasons for reading recommendation s asking for help in doctors and starting treatment. Weak erection happens with most men, but it is treated and you should think about your partner, healthy sex with firm erection is important and necessary for her too. There are men, who think that it is ok to finish their intimate life at age of 50-60, because of bad erection, but it shouldn’t happen. Change your ratio; change your eating and drinking. There is much food that increases potency, for example it is protein, sea fish, nuts, honey, ginger and many others, you can find incredibly huge list of products that can help you to improve your erection. The most beneficial effect oysters have, therefore probably French men is regarded as the best lovers. Drink coffee or strong tea, it increases blood circulation and erection is much better.

Potency problems

It is important to understand the mechanism of erection occurrence. During sexual arousal, after certain signals in brain blood flow to small pelvic increases, muscles in penis body relax and blood feel the penis so as it becomes bigger, stronger and firmer.  When it doesn’t happen because of some reasons, other methods for improving blood flow to the penis are used. There are special ointments that are applied to the penis body, there are special exercises, for example, most doctors recommend doing squats regularly, at least 30 every day and there will be no blood stagnation. Special food also has good effect on potency, but the best remedy for weak erection treatment in modern world is pills. Men don’t like difficult and lasting schemes of treatment, although keeping to healthy way of living is the best way for keeping healthy and firm erection, and they prefer pills that are easy in using. Pills for improving potency today can be found practically in any drugstore, thanks to sexual revolution, people can easily get necessary medicine for intimate life and to spend time incredibly and in some cases even to save relations. Usually such pills influence on necessary blood circulation and keep men able for having firm erection during few hours or sometimes during few days, everything depends on the dosage and active component that is included to the drug.

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It is a choice of every man, how to be treated from weak potency, but everyone should know that it can be and should be treated by your own and your partner efforts, but it is better to consult specialist firs.

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