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Even Santa is agile. So are we (or at least we want to be) I bet every person no matter how much time has passed since his/her childhood remembers a sensational feeling of Santa’s high standards for on-time pr...
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Is scope creep so creepy? Even if you have never heard of the term scope creep, I’m sure you encountered it during lifecycle of your projects.Scope creep is defined as uncontro...
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The importance of calibration in the pharmaceutical industry has been discussed a number of times. Calibration assures that the quality and consistenc...
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Developing nations suffer acutely from health epidemics due to lack of resources to adequately combat these epidemics. Many of these epidemics are man...
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 Myths About Quality | PCRA – Clinical Research Blog |May 2014 -Chaitanya Suri Myths about Quality In-case you are in hurry and have limited t...
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We have been working hard to execute the clinical trials at all investigational sites. There are routine monitoring visits, training sessions (study s...
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