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Anne Sim BSc MBA is Business and Marketing Manager at George Clinical.

Sachin S. Sadekar

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PoundHead is a training and development start up organization, that believes in 'People, Potential and Possibilities'. PoudHead offers training across various verticles starting from behavioural, managerial, clinical research trainings to soft skills and team building.

PoundHead is also into creative solutions that clients are looking to project their new ventures to their clients.

Note from the founder:


I believe that inspiration is not sort from one source or one individual but from everything and everyone around me. Every day is a new beginning of possibilities, of learning, of challenges and most importantly relationships with people. Every person I meet has something to teach, offer and inspire. The good that I see in people I take and strive to apply in my life with others, the bad I see, I learn not to imbibe that in my interaction with people.


Each individual who is created is a marvel in her or his own way. Life is different, because we see it differently from each one’s perspective. However the world offers the same measure of chances and possibilities to all. It is how one realizes it and uses it to her or his potential. 


From my view point life has its own challenges and complications to offer, let us not complicate it more but looks at how we can inspire each other passionately, to work with each other empathetically and how we can always unify strengths to negate weakness of our own and the others. We are all like the gig-saw puzzle pieces; some have convex surfaces that fit into another’s concave and vice-versa. This is how we need to meshwork to build potential in people to explore the possibilities that are unlimited.


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