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  • Analysts have previously signaled that market share for Allergan’s top-selling Botox should be safe even after new competitors show up. But new survey results indicate otherwise.

  • An Indian company that has had its drugs banned by the FDA has bought a contract manufacturing operation in the U.S.

  • Sick and tired of dealing with generic drug shortages and unpredictable price increases, five large U.S. health systems are taking an unusual step: they're forming their own nonprofit generic drugmaker.

  • Could 2018 be the year Amgen’s Kyprolis finally starts living up to its sales potential? The Big Biotech hopes so—and it’s starting the year off with a pair of positive updates.

  • While Big Pharma companies have equivocated about whether to pull drug production from the U.K. because of Brexit, CDMO Almac quickly went out and did something about it. It obtained a site in the EU and is now investing about $30 million on upgrades.

  • After a relatively short but profitable run on the market, Johnson & Johnson's prostate cancer therapy Zytiga faces the prospect of generics this year, thanks to a patent-office ruling that stripped away its last remaining patent.

  • Novartis and Biocon, which have each had success developing biosimilars on their own, will now see what they can do together. The two have formed a partnership to produce “next generation” biosimilars.

  • The FDA has nailed an Australian contract manufacturer with a warning letter for serious manufacturing and quality lapses after banning the company’s products in the fall.

  • CDMO Cambrex has decided to be an early adopter of continuous flow manufacturing, installing the technology at a site in Sweden where it will make intermediates for AstraZeneca.

  • As GlaxoSmithKline CEO Emma Walmsley continues to mold the company into something she says will be more competitive, she is changing the way it markets in emerging markets. For sub-Saharan Africa, that will mean relying on distributors, a move that will mean fewer folks on the ground.  

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