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The PACRA Portal - CRO Registry, is one of an expanding number of PACRA 'Registries' that have being launched to provide valuable clinical research and related information [e.g. 'supplier names' (including links), news, articles and features], to website visitors and PACRA members.

This 'CRO Registry' symbolizes PACRA's dynamic approach to constantly enhancing its services and delivering increasingly valuable information within a single website, to busy clinical researchers and related professionals.

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Headquartered in Australia and focused exclusively on the Asia Pacific, Novotech is internationally recognized as a leading regional clinical CRO. With the increasing pace of globalisation in drug development, Novotech’s expertise in the vibrant and fast growing Asian region has been instrumental in the success of hundreds of phase I-IV clinical trials from India to New Zealand.  Most of these have been for FDA and EMA registrations, making Novotech one of the most experienced CROs headquartered in the Asia Pacific.  Together with operations in 8 countries including Australia, India, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand, Novotech’s wide footprint across the region makes it the ideal partner for biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device developers. To know more about Novotech click here

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