The idea of developing an Asia Training Consortium (ATC) was discussed, conceptualized and finalized by a highly engaged / motivated group of pharmaceutical companies, CROs and other healthcare related companies at the IBC-Asia “3rd Annual Partnership’s in Clinical Trials Asia” Conference in Shanghai, China (October 2011). The underlying objectives for establishing the ATC were to (i) address common training issues facing the industry and healthcare sector and (ii) to recognize that only collectively through a structured collaboration can the ATC bring about improved quality in clinical research and related training (to attending training course delegates), whilst simultaneously reducing the efforts and associated costs of training to the members of the consortium.

The initial member companies (spearheaded by Pan-Asian Clinical Research Association (PACRA) - as the ‘umbrella’ non-profit organization, Merck (MSD), Orchestrall, Covance and RPS and Bayer), moved swiftly and the Asia Training Consortium was incorporated in Singapore as a legal entity in June, 2012. However, even prior to finalization of the legal entity, the ATC was already working in a collaborative manner and initiated / delivered a number of training courses. Since that time, ATC has successfully delivered a wide range of training courses across Asia.

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