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The terms "Pimple", "white-head morbilli" refers to purulent inflammation of the sebaceous glands on the face, chest, back, having a chronic, recurrent nature. The most common pustules occur against the backdrop of increased sebum, i.e. on oily skin. Dermatologists to refer this issue also use the term "acne", derived from the distorted Greek word "acme" (top of the hill), indicating that the form of pustules.

This acne illness - not just a cosmetic defect, but also the disease greatly that affects the psycho-emotional sphere: among people suffering from acne, many single and unemployed, most of them difficult to adapt to society. This is especially true among teenagers: according to conducted surveys, 80% of them considered that the most repulsive in human is acne.

Acne is one of the types of a disease of the hair follicles and sebaceous glands, which occurs in 80% of adolescents. As well, people with hormonal imbalance have Acne too. Among the different types of acne, the most common is acne vulgaris. There are the great amount of different drugs which as some professionals tell us can help to cure the acne disease. But it is a plainspoken hoax. Main quantity of them will destroy your tough body and make a serious damage to your immune system. The true way is to buy safe Accutane. It will strictly help to shake off from follicles. It will help both in the severe and mild form of the disease. You must understand if you want to get rid of acne or not. It all depends on your well-informed decisions but this medicine exactly what you want. You can buy Accutane USA.

The inflammatory response in the body can be compared to the actions of public authorities in the event of the rebellion. Rebel-microbes must be isolated from the rest of the state (the body) and destroyed. Thus, the cluster is formed around their restricted zone, which prevents the penetration of harmful bacteria in the neighboring tissues and special cells whose main task - the destruction of bacteria and neutralizing of their decay products rush to them. These processes are manifested by redness, an increase in the volume of the source of inflammation, suppuration, local temperature increasing and tenderness.

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Initial dose - 0.5 mg/kg per day. Quite often in an initiation of treatment, the short-term exacerbation of an acne illness is observed. Efficiency and side effects of an isotretinoin differ at different patients therefore approximately in 4 weeks of therapy it is necessary to carry out individual correction of the supporting dose in the range from 0.1 to 1.0 mg/kg per day. It is necessary to appoint the highest daily dose (1 mg/kg) only to limited time. Usually, treatment proceeds 16 weeks. Estimating its results, it is necessary to remember that quite often improvement proceeds and after the cancellation of a preparation. Therefore, before purpose of a repeated course it is necessary to make a break of at least 8 weeks. The repeated course of treatment is carried out according to the above recommendations.


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