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Herpes (Greek ἕρπης — the creeping, extending skin disease) - a viral disease with a characteristic rash of the grouped bubbles on skin and mucous membranes.

The virus of herpes is transmitted in the direct contact way, and by means of use subjects. In addition, the transmission of infection is possible in an airborne way. Herpes gets through mucous membranes of an oral cavity, the top airways, and genitals. Having broken fabric barriers, the virus gets to blood and a lymph. Then gets to various internals.

The virus gets into the sensitive nervous terminations and is built in the genetic device of nervous cages. After that it is impossible to remove a virus from an organism, it remains with the person for the rest of life. The immune system reacts to penetration of herpes development of the specific antibodies blocking the virus particles circulating in the blood. Awakening of an infection in a cold season is characteristic, at catarrhal diseases, at a hypovitaminosis. Reproduction of herpes in cages of an epithelium of skin and mucous membranes leads to the development of dystrophy and death of cages.

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The pill is taken irrespective of the meal, it is recommended to wash down a preparation with a large amount of water.

Apply a preparation in a dose of 200 mg of 5 times a day to treatment of the infectious diseases caused by a virus of simple herpes (a preparation 4 hours, excepting time of a night dream accept with an interval). The course of treatment usually makes 5 days. At patients with violation of intestinal absorption or the expressed immunodeficiency, the dose of a preparation is raised twice.

To patients with the normal immune status for the prevention of recurrence of the infectious diseases caused by a virus of simple herpes accept on 200 mg of a preparation each 6 hours. Also reception of a preparation according to the scheme of 400 mg is possible each 12 hours. Reception of the preparation safe Zovirax is interrupted periodically for 6-12 months.

To patients with an immunodeficiency for the prevention of the infectious diseases caused by a virus of simple herpes appoint how to buy Propecia generic in a dose of 200 mg each 6 hours. At violation of intestinal absorption or the expressed immunodeficiency, the dose is increased to 400 mg of five times per day. The preventive course of reception of a preparation needs to be continued until there is a probability of infection.

To patients with chicken pox or surrounding herpes usually appoint on 800 mg of 5 times per day. Therapy duration the preparation Kamagra online usually makes 7 days.


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